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New Year...Ready for new projects to VA in!

2010-01-16 10:55:38 by KawaiiTine

Hello all!

It may seem I have been inactive for a while but I actually check this often. I'm waiting for producers sending me scripts and other ideas. Currently most have seemed to died so I'm open again for VA-ing in new flahs projects. Jerry said he might do 4 soon so I will still do Ruto/others in that one, really looking up for it!
Modeling have been doing okay, taking a break to focus on my studying. Hopefully getting my own place to live this summer, which will be awesome! :3

Hope to hear from new Producers and have a good New Year! <3


My friend Relzz edited me into an avatar which turned out to be great! Thank you hun!

New Year...Ready for new projects to VA in!


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2010-01-16 10:57:28

Have lots of fun. =]

KawaiiTine responds:

Thank you :DD


2010-01-16 11:29:04

No problem, I need a mic before i would ever be able to voice act.


2010-02-10 15:28:14

Haha awsome! thats a hot Na'vi right there!! XOXO girl!

KawaiiTine responds:

Thank you, Jerry Dear <3 xoxo~


2010-02-17 17:50:35

thas so....awesome!! :D

KawaiiTine responds:

Thank yoooou~ xD


2010-02-21 17:14:26

I turnt my self into a Navi too! lol. Check it I'm gonna put it on my post right now. Tho yours is a lot cuter than mine lol.

KawaiiTine responds:

Lol. :3 I'll check it out and thank you <3


2010-05-21 16:17:02

I wonder what you will look like as a draenei... Hmmmm...... THINKING TIME RAWR!!!


2010-05-29 15:37:07

Wow your right Your friend Relzz did a great job