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2009-11-01 13:05:41 by KawaiiTine

Halloween is over and I saw a lot of good costumes! I'm sorry for the producers that are still waiting for my lines. I will get on to it this weekend most likely. I only got to do Winzra's lines due to he needed them for a Halloween thing.

onionsXD - Lines in progress
HelloLilly - Waiting for script?
AgeReason - In progress.
Jerry/Gran - The Real Legend of Zelda 4 - Princess Ruto + more - Waiting for script.

ANYWAYS, I know I promised a picture of my costume...and here it is:

It's kinda silly but oh well xD...



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2009-11-01 14:28:04


What are you?

KawaiiTine responds:

Doll o: xD


2009-11-03 18:58:35

lol. supah costume! about The cartoon tape arms... I'm planning on finishing it either by the end of the year or early next year.. OH MAW GAWSH I just realized I should submit it on my birthday! :D Jan 6

KawaiiTine responds:

Thanks~ And yes you should. XD


2009-11-06 18:31:49 don't have a banner... If you want I could make you one! :D

KawaiiTine responds:

Sure! :D Whats the update on the project, BTW? :3


2009-11-10 18:48:28

hmmm..... well originally I wasn't going to start on the animation till I got the lines. OS i went ahead and did a bunch of backgrounds and stuff. Then I lost iot all when my computer broke and I don't plan on fixing it... So now I'm actually working on something with my friends but I plan to have Tape Arms done by January 6. If i really aplly myself to a cartoon I can finsh it in two to three weeks. And I'm currently thinking of upcoming cartoon icluding claymations and You may have some more roles in those too! :D

wow this is a long comment.....


2009-11-10 18:49:48

OH and about the Banner

I'll make it say Kawaii Tine with... uh..... flower petals? 0__o

idk what do you want? :)

KawaiiTine responds:

Lol. XD

You can name it "Tine with lollipops~"

If that sounds fine? O_o


2009-12-08 19:41:21

Tape Arms has been started and I will show you a preview in a couple of days! D:

KawaiiTine responds:

Alright! Still need any lines from me?


2009-12-24 04:14:16

u look so cute

KawaiiTine responds:

Oh, Thanks! Sorry for the late reply. D:


2010-01-08 19:09:44

jsdasdjkgh;aheouavb;vaubiube;iu!!!:ug ;iug!g!:ug:iug!:iu!g

i got a new VA because I thought you became inactive!! :O So I have a new female VA now. Is that allright? Are you amd? :(

KawaiiTine responds:

You could at least tell me before you recast. Anyways good luck with your projects.