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Heeeeellu~ :D

2009-10-28 05:28:10 by KawaiiTine

So another flash is finally out with me voicing a Genie. o: I currently have 3-4 other flashes I got to do lines for so I'll try to do them before this Halloween!

OnionsXD - TV woman - Lines in progress
HelloLilly - Waiting for sample script.
AgeReason - Waiting for reply.
Winzra - Amy - Lines sent.
Jerry/Gran - The Real Legend of Zelda 4 - Princess Ruto + more - Waiting for script.

I have a Halloween party to go to this weekend so I won't be around much. XD I'll be sure to show you all the outfit when I got some pictures of it. Be sure to keep in touch if you'd like me for a project of yours!

See you then~ <3


The picture below is me to the right and my little sister Sophie to the left.

Heeeeellu~ :D


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2009-10-28 05:41:24

How does Norway celebrate Halloween?

KawaiiTine responds:

Same way as Americans I think. XD Dressing up, beg for candy, going crazy? o:


2009-10-28 05:54:07

That pretty much sums up Halloween in "the States."

KawaiiTine responds:

Pretty much. XD


2009-10-28 05:57:46

Gonna wear a costume?

KawaiiTine responds:

Indeed I am. Thought of Chi from Chobits. ^^


2009-10-29 22:29:53

Yeah, another great job as Genie voice!
Looks like you very busy now, so i hope you can handle it...
And by the way, your sis is beautiful as you...
Um beijo pra vocĂȘ Tine, see ya.


2009-10-31 20:41:03

well hello there! ^ ^ you where a wonderful genie! :D keep up the good work! its nice to see more woman are coming into this sight for voice acting. keep it up and bring your friends ^ ^ NG could do with more Voice acting support.

KawaiiTine responds:

Oh! You're Onions aren't you? xD Nice to meet you! I'll be looking forward to work more with you in the future~ Keep up the good work too! ^^v

Thanks Thanks <3