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Back in Action!

2009-10-01 11:14:25 by KawaiiTine

Alrighty, Been a while since I just moved into a dorm. Meet some new friends and all that. But that doesn't stop me from VA! I'm currently in 3 new projects that should be out soon. I am currently recording them as we speak.

LinkMasterJ - Waiting for title - Lines complete.
OnionXD - As Star. -Lines complete-

Hopefully these will all be recorded soon. Don't hesitate to IM me if you're interested!
Talk to you all soon!

Back in Action!


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2009-10-01 14:46:15

Good Luck

KawaiiTine responds:

Thank you, Dear. <3


2009-10-02 13:36:46

good luck with that if u need help spreading the word come to me

KawaiiTine responds:

Would be nice. :) I hope to be in more flashes/games in the future. Making the creators known is also very nice~


2009-10-02 13:37:49

also nice pic

KawaiiTine responds:

Aaah, Thanks. XD


2009-10-02 16:09:16

Crazy Cakes! :D

13 more scenes left to Glass of Water then I'm Done! ^__^

KawaiiTine responds:

Lol? XD I will be doing them tomorrow when I got the house for myself. Recording while people are around is kinda hard ya'know? D:



2009-10-02 20:25:26

Wow, you are back, I miss you around here, Tine!
I am very excited to see your new projects, um beijo pra vocĂȘ, Tine!

KawaiiTine responds:

Thank you! I'm really excited too! I just hope to get the lines done ASAP. ^^!


2009-10-07 04:38:27

If you mean a college dorm, go pick up The Naked Roommate: and 107 other issues you might run into in college, it may help with any unexpected issues that may pop up, I'm reading it, and finding out things I could never have imagined would happen at a college.

KawaiiTine responds:

Haha! Bet It's a lot f unexpected stuff listed there as you say. I have seen a few cases but none of those. XD


2009-10-07 17:21:04

nice pic

KawaiiTine responds:

Thankie. @o@