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Oh my Gah~ New Mic for 130 dollars +

2009-05-27 08:04:59 by KawaiiTine

I really did it...After being so annoyed with my old mic I decided to buy a more pro one. I'm still waiting for it as It's being shipped. I'm really excited cause now I can really let my emotion out in my lines~ I will let you all know when I got it! I really should make a demo reel as well very soon. <3

See you all around, dears. <3


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2009-05-28 18:57:32

I hope this mic makes your voice sound even more beautiful (130 dollars!!)
Well, até outra hora, Tine.


2009-06-08 13:34:10

Great, I didn't know your last mic was so bad, In The real legend of Zelda it sounds good


2009-07-24 17:44:40

awesome cakes! i hope you can get in more flashes now